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Miskatonic University

Whispers from the library stacks...

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Lovecraftian Studies, Forbidden knowledge, and tentacles, oh my!
Welcome to both our returning alumni and new students to Miskatonic University!

Just as our Rare Book Room houses more than the Necronomicon, the Book of Dyzan, and other infernal tomes, this community is dedicated to not only all things Lovecraftian, but also to the concept of forbidden knowledge- both esoteric and mundane. We welcome dark knowledge in all its forms here.

The Rules:

1- Play nice. Flamers will be banned on sight- I believe in neither warnings nor second chances. You flame, you're banned, end of story.

Fuck the rules. Just behave like a semi-civilized facsimile of a human being and you'll be fine. Conversely, if someone on here is harassing you, let me or one of the other maintaner/moderators know, and we'll look into it.

Oh, and look! Shiny graphics! Feel free to use these wherever you want as ads for us.